Welcome to Grade 6 – 2012

Just a quick hello to all students and parents! I have been using this blog for several years now and find it a great way for  students to research projects (without wasting hours on google!) and for parents to keep track of what we are studying in the classroom. I keep all the pages up to date with current topics and links that work and are educationally sound. I try to note important dates as well and include information on field trips.

Parents and students can post questions that I can answer. Another way to reach me is to use my school email which is,

[email protected]

Looking forward to a great year!


Zone In workshop – helping your child zone-in to learning

Just thought I’d pass along some interesting information from our workshop yesterday. It was presented by Chris Rowan, an Occupational Therapist who has been working with children who struggle with sensory processing. Her website is: http://www.zonein.ca/index.html Her premise is that a body that is over charged or under charged with energy cannot attend or learn. Balanced energy enables healthy learning and behavior. An hour using technology (computers, video games, T.V.) should be balanced with an hour moving.  I encourage parents to read the information and research found on the above link as well as watch the videos provided. There has been research done on the effects of exercise on brain development and academic progress.  As well as information on the effects of too much time spent on technology. There is definitely some food for thought here! Experts recommend that children over the age of 2 years should not use more than 1-2 hours of combined technology per day. She provided some easy exercises that can be done in the classroom to help students focus. We will be trying these over the next few days. I encourage you to visit her website.


Well, the season is now upon us!

The intermediate concert will be here before you know it. This year we are doing two Christmas carols as a class. December 16th – 1:30 and 6:30 performance times.

Intermediate dance will be December 10th – 2:30 – 4:30 pm

The Grade 5 dissection went really well. Special thanks to Mrs. Anderson from TRU. The Grade 6′s have been using microscopes and recently viewed some interesting creatures from our pond! Very cool!

Grade 5′s have recently written a Math test, expect marks to arrive home tomorrow for signing. Both grades have received poem marks which also need to be signed.

I will keep you posted with any further happenings, I expect it to be a very busy month! Happy Christmas shopping!


As some parent may already know we have completed our first switch with Mrs. McCauley’s class. We have now switched math again so that I have the Grade 5′s and she has the Grade 6′s. We are continuing with the Science and Socials switch as we both feel it is working well.


November 30th – Grade 5′s will be doing a dissection with Ms. Anderson a biology professor at TRU

December 2nd - Grade 5′s and 6′s go skating with Ms. McCauley’s class again parent helper welcome!

December 4th – early closure day

December 7th – Professional Day for teachers

Some new dates to remember:

The Science projects due dates have now been changed to Friday, November 13th for the Grade 6′s

And Monday, November 19th for the Grade 5′s

The Grade 6′s have a Chapter math test tomorrow, Friday, November 13th

Next week we are skating on Tuesday. A notice will be sent home.

I have sent a notice home regarding student achievement in Reading, please look through your child’s book and ensure they have completed chapters 1-10 in the novel People of Sparks. Once you have looked through their book please sign the notice and return it. Thank you, this is to ensure you are aware of your child’s progress and work habits as the year is progressing.

Swine Flu

Here’s an interesting kid friendly look at the Swine Flu.


November Update

This blog is now accessible through the David Thompson home page. Hopefully this makes it easier for parents and students to use at home.

Dates to remember:

B Volleyball team to Barriere – Wednesday, Nov. 4

Teachers vs. Students volleyball – Thurs., Nov. 5

Remembrance Day Assembly – Tues. Nov. 10
Grade 6 Science Project Due:

Research and poster due on Monday, November 16th.

No lates accepted unless accompanied by a note from parent.

Grade 5 Science Project Due: Monday, November 9th

Parent/Teacher Interviews are this week!

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled for Wed. afternoon and Thurs. afternoon. Please contact the office to make an appointment.

Students have recieved another math test, please have them correct their mistakes, sign their marks and return them.

The grade 6′s will be starting a Science project involving classifiying organisms. Their research can be done using the Classification page of my blog. I would rather they not Google for information as many sites are unreliable.

Grade 5′s will be starting their first project soon.

Please note a skiing/boarding notice will be coming home this week to gauge parent interest in this field trip. We are dependent on parent participation for this outing so please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in your child participating and if you can help out.

Thank you!

Have a great week!

Mrs. B

Thanksgiving Week

Students have had a Math quiz this week, please expect it to come home for signing. We will do further practice on this concept and have another test at the end of next week.

Students should be finishing their novels by next Tuesday so we may start our work on our book reports. Please make sure you see the marking sheet and sign it to ensure you understand what is expected of the student on this project.

Thankfully our cougar-scare appears to have lessened so the children may go outside and rid themselves of some of their pent up energy! Yay!

Shots are next week for Grade 6′s.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Happy Friday Everyone!

A couple more pieces of information for parents:

1. Immunization forms (gr 6 only)  need to be signed and returned as do Verification forms.

2. Science tests need to be signed and returned to let me know parents have seen the marks.

3. Several small assignments have been handed back if you want to ask you son/daughter about them, Reading – mini book report, Writing – Biopoem, Reading – all BFG work has now been marked and handed back, ask to see their blue duotang.

4. We will be having another math quiz next week again just a small one, 5 marks. The week after we will have a bigger test.

Think that’s it for now! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. B

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